Business Ahead


The future is not always rosy. Some companies embrace uncertainty and layout the possible scenarios to move in the right direction. They are prepared to act decisively and choose the right strategies to capitalize on the unprecedented opportunities the world put in front of them. The distinctive feature of companies that do not have time to consider what is going on in the environment surrounding them is that they are just concerned with the day’s crisis and do not try to fight against the significant challenges of their business. Opportunities and threats are reasons to keep an eye on the future and define where the organization is headed and how it will reach its goals. 

Companies need more innovative, faster, more agile operations to thrive in a volatile and unpredictable economy and business environment. As part of the Phoenix Transformation Signature Program, “Business Ahead is a strategic cycle of identification, analysis, formation, execution, and monitoring to redirect the company towards the best opportunities over time and discover potential threats to take countermeasures when necessary.


“The thing is continuity of strategic direction and continuous improvement in how you do things are absolutely consistent with each other. In fact, they’re mutually reinforcing”

Michael Porter

The “Business Ahead strategic process involves the following:

  • Assess the organization’s current strategic direction to understand the company’s goal, mission, and overall strategic direction and evaluating where the company’s current process will help you achieve the company’s goals.
  • Analyze the industry and competitive environment to identify the internal and external strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop business models and strategies to create the road map for business transformation and prepare the implementation guidelines. 
  • Execution of plan following the steps outlined in the strategic direction and assure the company implement the plan for maximum efficiency.
  • Evaluate results to define if the company achieves its goals and if the process was implemented appropriately company-wide. 

The “Business Ahead strategic process helps the company and its leadership think about its future existence, sets the direction for the organization, and analyzes and assesses all necessities the business needs to meet both its short and long-term goals. This strategic management process helps the company be aware of its present situation, develop and deploy strategies and analyze its effectiveness. 


The “Business Ahead offers many benefits, including:

  • Competitive advantage because of its proactive actions and awareness of a changing market.
  • Achieve goals using a dynamic and focused process for strategy definition and implementation.
  • Execute strategic initiatives to deliver on the grand plan. 
  • Lead to more efficient organizational performance and manageable growth. 
  • Align organization by the proper communication and goal implementation company-wide. 
  • Look toward the company’s future and make managers aware of industry trends and challenges and strategic thinking and direction to be better prepared to face future challenges.

Francisco Cardenas provides support to the entrepreneur and CEO to be the catalyst for the transformation, helps them to make strategic decisions, and sets the organization on the right path, including the planning of strategic choices, activities, and resource allocation to keep pace with evolving environment, market, and business conditions. Through the “Business Ahead strategic process, the organization gains a competitive advantage, improves performance, and plans for its future.