Business Transformation


As part of the Phoenix Transformation Signature Program, Francisco Cardenas developed the “Business Transformation” plan to transform your organization to cope with change. Whether your business needs to move from one stage to another within the company life cycle, build the necessary strategies to stay ahead of the competition or improve financial performance. Through the Business Transformation” plan, you can have a deeper analysis of your business processes and structure and have an action and implementation plan to change and thrive your ventue.

Furthermore, Francisco works with business leaders who see current business environment’s stark reality to address their business transformation challenges and unlocks companies’ true potential.

Business Transformation

  • Growth management
  • Locates potential business deals
  • Market entry and international expansion.
  • Managing in a downturn
  • Change management 
  • Business valuation
  • Screening M&A/JV opportunities and financial analysis
  • Managing and restructuring of business process

The world is moving into a new territory with many uncertainties, growing changes, and disruptions. No organization can afford to stand still. It needs some adjustments to manage and stay ahead in an age of new challenges. The basic system structures, organizations, or strategies built over the past cannot keep up with the current demands. Companies need a potential transformation to meet a better way of doing things and survive changes and disruptions.   

Companies that cram through a business transformation to deal with unprecedented confusion and cope with changes and discontinuities need to handle strategic challenges effectively to take advantage of opportunities that open to growing the business. They need a business transformation program to assess the company and the industry and react with creativity, agility, and speed to address the changes required to stay ahead and thrive.    


Companies adopt a business transformation program to reinvent themselves as new opportunities and challenges arise. They implement new concepts that change how they operate and allow the business to hone its competitive edge.   

Overall, through a transformation process, companies need to consider the following:   

  • Understand why they need to transform or change the business.
  • Create and carry out adequate strategies. 
  • Implement the transformation process and build momentum on encouraging the organization to get behind the changes.  
  • Communicate transformation.
  • Develop adequate leadership capabilities to evolve the company for long-term success.