The Phoenix Transformational Program


I designed the Phoenix Transformation Signature Program to support businesses to grow within a changing environment. The program identifies business issues, looks for strategic solutions, and transforms the company into a better future. 

“When I let go of what I am,
I become what I might be”

Lao Tzu

The Phoenix Transformation Signature Program consists of three pillars:

  • Business Within to determine the company’s strengths and opportunities and provide a focused and innovative solution to face the challenges and the need for an urgent change and make it grow.  
  • Business Transformation to help your organization to cope with change, move your business from one stage to another within the company’s life cycle, and build the necessary strategies to change and thrive your business.  
  • Business Ahead to provide strategic management support to your organization, redirect it towards the best opportunities, and develop more innovative strategies and solutions to thrive in the business environment. 

Francisco Cardenas

General Manager

I provide all my experience and knowledge at your disposal so that you can transform your company, and make it prosper, and lead it to success. I focus on the entrepreneur having a holistic vision of his business and the environment in which they compete to develop the appropriate strategies, operate efficiently, and achieve a sustained profit. I help the business owner create the proper business model for the company to meet the needs of its customers and gain a constant cash flow to drive the company’s growth.